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Kick Danny Rose out of football

Serbia FA: "Danny Rose, behaved in inappropriate, unsportsmanlike and vulgar manner towards the supporters"

No matter how many times I read the above statement, I still laugh. How dare Danny Rose be racially abused whilst playing for his country. The kid needs to white up for next time. Maybe then we won't hear any monkey chanting coming from the stands. I know we have our own problems in England with discrimination but the days of bananas being thrown onto the pitch are long gone. That's not to say some elements of racism are more acceptable. Well, unless you throw up the context argument as a defence.

The main crux is that all examples are not brutally dealt with by the authorities. The underlying caveat to it is that this is a social/cultural issue that seems to manifest itself more so at football matches, almost like the stands are indicative of exaggerating a nations ugly side. So why is it acceptable in the minds of the guilty to behave like that? Mob culture? Less likely to be punished than perhaps behaving in the same manner when walking the street? Comes back down to the authorities simply dealing with it by dishing out one punishment rather than checking the wall chart and fining the country/club based on how 'bad' it all was.

The other laughable incident was the actual red card Rose was given for petulance. Because how dare he react to racist chanting. He was quite restrained in his reaction. Yet no further red cards dished out for all the aggression that played out with punches and pushing shared amongst the players and coaches.

Our FA have complained.

“No football team should be asked to play in any environment where racial abuse, violence and threatening behaviour is prevalent. We must question the validity of sending a team to Serbia in the
future. We look forward to UEFA dealing with last night’s events as a matter of urgency.”

And UEFA have grown balls (the size of grapes currently, hopefully to grow to the size of grape fruits).

"Regarding alleged racist chanting, UEFA will instigate proceedings against (Serbia) over the misconduct of their supporters. Proceedings will also be instigated against (Serbia) for the improper conduct of the Serbia players at the end of the game. UEFA will also commence proceedings against the FA for the improper conduct of the England players at the end of the match"

Fining is not an acceptable conclusion to this. Although pretty much nothing can be done to alter the way some people think, football itself can take a handle on how these same people are dealt with at football stadia. Let them play in empty stadiums for five years. Or ban them from the next three major competitions.

Enough with the slapped wrists. Break a f***ing arm.



Lazio fined £32k for monkey chants. Ashley Cole fined £90k for a naughty tweet.

John Terry banned 4 games. Joey Barton banned 12 games for handbags.

Football is broken.




Just seen the video of the monkey chanting at the Serbia v England U21 game (Stadion Mladost) which saw Danny Rose sent off for kicking the ball into the crowd after the final whistle. This should be easy. Ban them from playing international football as punishment. Throw the book at them faster than they threw missiles and coins and seats. How else can you truly make an example out of these animals?

Oh no, wait, I've got a better idea. Fine them 10k instead, that should cover the 'fervent' support. Slapped wrist will do the trick.

Punches and head-butts from the Serbian players too. That'll bury the racism deep enough to be brushed aside. Again.

Platini's Europe.



Y word

A couple of years ago I was in a restaurant local to where I live for a 30th birthday. Only detail relevant to this article is the incident where two blokes (birthday boy and a mutual friend) pick up pieces of pork off their plates and proceed to drop them over mine.

“There you go”

I was deeply deeply embarrassed for the pair of them. Racism and ignorance go hand in hand. Casual some might say in this case. Hardly acceptable no matter how you wish to perceive it.

If I added a caveat that they actually said "there you go yid" what would you think?

Removing the connection to football for a moment, you’d hardly expect to ever see behaviour like that at work or out and about or during an evening meal. So forgetting football, if I was Jewish and someone did that it would be absolutely scandalous. The fact I’m not Jewish still doesn’t make it acceptable but in the heads of the two comedians it was because of the affiliation and identity Tottenham has with its fanbase.

Football is anchored to my identity even when I'm sat eating a meal during an evening out. 'He’s a Spurs fan so we can make anti-Semitic jokes at his expense'. Nice one. I've never referred to myself as a 'yid' in their company or anyone elses other than when I go to White Hart Lane and I'm surrounded by thousands who might well shout it out once or twice.

And that’s the crux. It’s not because we hold our hands up high and chant ‘Yid Army’ or ‘Yiddos’. We’re not encouraging rival fans to have a go back with venomous hatred, hissing away, singing songs about gas chambers just because of one word that is buried deep in complexities about whether its derogatory nature is one that is only so if used by someone who is using it to be offensive and nothing less.

There’s a fundamental difference between you or me (if you support Spurs) saying the Y word and someone else who is using it, with expletives either side, when mouthing it off and Nazi saluting. But is there an argument to suggest that using the word as a means to defuse and disarm the racists allows for playful adoption of it that usually always crosses the line?

There might be ample irony in using a derogatory word to fight back the abuse, but that's the whole point of why it was adopted in the first place. It's not a deterrent. But it's a hefty shield.

Racism isn't born in football grounds. Once upon a time perhaps it was a breeding place for it. Point is, you know what's right or wrong. You make your own decision. The ones that make the wrong decisions are the ones that tend to end up being kicked out of football grounds. The racist thoughts are in their minds before they get to the game. Racism still exists but let's not pretend football is still stuck in the 70s and 80s.

From my own experience, the people who are anti-Semitic make the assumption that all Spurs fans are Jewish even though they know that’s hardly the case. It simply adds fuel to their fire and they dislike the fact we call ourselves yids even more because they wish for the word to be their own to be used against us. It's their weapon and they hate to see us all giddy with fingers dancing in the air as we sing.

None of this really has to be explained but thanks to David Baddiel who has hijacked the word with good intentions you would hope (kick out racism) but appears to have done so because...well, every campaign needs a hook. And the Y Word works wonders as the chorus for a song that is full of far more disturbing lyrics. It's actually a little ridiculous when you think about it. It's almost like the people involved in this don't quite have the balls to step up and deal with the actual racism itself, rather preferring to dance around people who are not racist but are apparently naively encouraging racist people to be racist.

Baddiel actually loses credibility with this. He's aiming his punch at the wrong people.

I appreciate he feels uncomfortable hearing his own fans use the word. But perhaps its the sudden realisation that his own fans tend to use it in a very different way than we do. Or the realisation that this aint half good publicity. I hate to think that. Hate to say it. But it's all very wishy-washy.

It's also now the second time in the past couple of weeks that Kick It Out has mis-kicked in the style of Diana Ross wearing a blindfold.

I said I’m not Jewish so I’m in no position to categorically tell you if the word is derogatory beyond any doubt. Outside of the match-day environment? Of course it is. Because when would you have the necessity to ever use it ? Which brings us back to the bubble of football where crowds, united in voice, can sometimes get away with chants and songs that you wouldn’t be able to if you were skipping down the aisle in Tescos or shopping in the high street. This is not to say that being borderline or beyond is acceptable at football matches. But not everything is black and white.

I’ve heard various conflicting explanations and I’m not basing the following as the spine of my argument. I don’t actually have an argument to put forward, rather just observations and opinions. So regarding history...Oswald Mosley marched through the streets during the mid-thirties ('36 to be precise) blaming the Jews for everything and so legend has it, pointed to the East from Highbury (during a speech) and stating ‘down with the yids’.

Whether that’s actually true or not, probably doesn’t matter too much in the grand scheme of things because what we do know for certain is that he marched against the Jewish community (as well as anyone else he disliked) through the East end. But not everyone followed or agreed with his facist views and many sided with the Jewish community. Which is what happened in N17 in the years that followed.



It all probably began during that era. And if the Y word was not derogatory before it sure was after Mosley marched. As for the fight back, you’ll hear some state we started to use 'Yid' in the 60s whilst others claim the 70s. During those decades and more so the 80s (before cctv killed old skool hooliganism) we still had to put up with the hissing and rest of it. With only pockets of incidents left in the game now there might be another argument that perhaps we no longer need to be throwing the Y word back in their faces. Then again, we’ve stood tall since the mid-30s. So why all the big hullabaloo about it when there are more pressing matters in football, say for example FIFA giving a World Cup to Russia, a country where they still think its okay to throw bananas at black players?

You’ll find quotes dating back to 2002 where Baddiel has spoken about all this before (from Time Out London ‘Anti-Semitism in football' by Pete Watts):

‘I told myself that it didn’t matter, that for most of these fans, “Yiddo” simply meant a Tottenham player or fan and that the negativity was about that and not about race.’ However, when Chelsea fans aimed the chant at non-Tottenham Israeli players, Baddiel ‘realised I was in denial: “Yiddo” may mean Tottenham fan but it also means Jew.’ Baddiel may be interested to know that my own eureka moment involved him. When he was spotted during a game in the mid-1990s and half the West Stand broke into a chorus of ‘Yiddo, yiddo!’, Baddiel smiled it off – but the penny finally dropped that this was racist abuse, pure and simple.

Taken him a while to get this video filmed then. I guess he's been too busy writing novels and enjoying Chelsea's success. I also find the footage for the campaign tinged with delicious irony, what with having Ledley King in there and England captain John Terry? I'll move on. Wouldn't want to get a threatning letter from the FA.



I guess all those other blatantly racist chants he (Baddiel) would have heard in and around Chelsea didn’t quite filter through to his seat, lost in the acoustics of the ground I would imagine. Equally so, he appears to have been unfazed by it all in the past having dabbled in a little casual anti-Semitism during his stint on Fantasy Football when he made a link to some footage of traditional Jews involved in a ceremony whilst stating something to do with Tottenham fans. Hey, but he’s Jewish, so he’s allowed to be borderline when a cheap laugh is at stake. Click here for another cheap laugh.

Tottenham cite that it’s a small group of Jewish and non-Jewish fans that use the Y word and are inviting debate, but firmly sitting on the fence in terms of whether it’s right or wrong for this small group to be using it. Which is an understandable position rather than doing something drastic and knee-jerk and banning the word from the Lane altogether. Strange how its not something you could quite see happening. No pressure from club or association or anyone else to perhaps go down that path. Ambiguity strikes again.

The club understand the history that sits behind all the rhetoric and are therefore sensitive to all concerned. Fact is, if you read between the lines, we don't appear to have a problem with it. And making it disappear, to actually stop Spurs fans referring themselves as yids is nigh impossible. More chance of Chelsea attracting capacity crowds if they played in a lower division.

We have been here before. And I'm sure last time the club didn't feel there was an issue at hand with its own fans using it in the manner we've been doing so for generations (I think there was a survey at the time, anyone?). Which is why it's tolerated outside of the usual policing.

Like I said, I’m just sharing my own opinions. Jewish people that frequent the Lane that I’m friends with mostly if not all sing the Yid chants. And do so without cringing or seeming uncomfortable. Surely that’s a win in the fight against racism? A Jewish person calling himself a yid with a non-Jewish person standing next to him also calling himself a yid.

So we have Jewish fans that dislike the word, we have fans that are Jewish who have adopted it and we have non-Jewish fans that have used it with pride. In fact I’d wager that some don’t even think too deeply about its connotations because it’s very much synonymous with our hardcore support.

And if younger football fans are leaving the game and going to school on the Monday and using the word, what then? The complexities still exist, I'll admit to that.

So where do we go from here?

Is it okay for another rival fan and friend to refer to you as a ‘Yid’?  I guess it is because that’s what you might well refer to yourself as. But it’s not okay for him to make casual jokes about Jews or overstep the mark, right? So if we eradicate the word from the stands completely, so that’s no more Y word, does that mean all those pockets of minority racist fans will suddenly decide there’s no incitement from us for them to respond to and thus, no more hissing or crude Jewish references thrown our way?

Bit too late now, isn’t it?

If cctv was invented in the 50s perhaps, but after several decades a video written by a comedian and his brother is unlikely to change a thing. The very fact everyone is debating this topic once more is a positive with what with highlighting the disgusting chants and abuse that still remain in the game. But I can't help but think something is lost in translation and that perhaps after so many years of using the word as a badge of honour, we are suddenly going to be deemed as the perpetrators adding fuel to the fire. But only whilst the hype remains as a talking point.

This will all be forgotten about again soon enough. Just like last time. We'll continue to use the Y word and racism will continue to rear its ugly head. And Baddiel will go back to growing his unsightly beard. The sun will rise, the sun will set.





Twitter rant

Twitter multi-tweet rant from me early this morning after reading yet another article about 'racist' Spurs fans and that song about Adebayor.


So, let me get this straight

Kick it Out wait until the player has left England and for said player to then be placed in position where stupid song can be sang at him

Then for said player to complain about it (well within his rights I should add)

And this is then an invite for Kick it Out to comment on it and urge the player to take further action

How about when Spurs and Arsenal fans sang this song at him whilst he played in England? Did ya not hear it then?

Are you not proactive?

How about the clubs?

You want something done, then be seen to do something about it rather than throw around weighty soundbites in the press

I'm waiting for Sol Campbell to come out in support for the player and confirm we're all racist scum

Because, that's why we hate Sol Campbell and abuse him when he plays against us. It's because he's black

It's not because he's a liar and scum

Thanks for listening

There's no room for racism, any form of it, in society let alone football

But ******* hell, there are far more serious things happening that probably need that bit more attention than the crap sang by a minority

I suggest crime watch get some mugshots up like last time. really drive the message across

@Spooky23 What's your opinion of the abuse Rooney was getting at West Ham?

@ see this is the problem. abuse in general. fine line, what is deemed as banter and what is borderline and what is a no-go?

fans singing songs about Cisse's head looking like a pint of Guinness - racist or funny?

number of years ago, we played Nottm Forest in the cup, WHL

think we drew, then replayed at their ground

at the lane, was right next to away supporters in the park lane and i could visible lip read some of their fans calling us 'f****** jews'

at their ground, in the coach (got pelted by stones) I witnessed kids/teenagers mimicking apes, directed at me why

although I can assume what they were trying to get at

these are problems not with football, but because of the sheer amount of people at a game and the numbers that might echo the same...

...sentiments, we (the royal we) think we can get away with certain things. and certain things we can. just about

which is why the Ade song is sang. which is why some sang the distasteful Judas song. in the street you'd not get away with that

which is why the Ade song is sang. which is why some sang the distasteful Judas song. in the street you'd not get away with that

@Spooky23 Do you not agree most (if not all) of the players who get abuse invite that stuff. Barton, Savage, Sol, Rooney, Maradona, Adebayor

@ now that's the crux of it in terms of tradition, banter. some chants are not nice, but we'll hardly going to say something nice

@ the players you mentioned, they 'deserve' attention. they get paid enough to stand strong. they probably dont give a toss

they probably even like it to come extent. unless of course they have an agenda (yes, Judas, I'm talking about you)

Ade seems honest enough off the pitch, if he wants to make a deal out of it, fair enough

Rooney deserves abuse, if that makes sense. chin up. get the f*** on with it you miserable millionaire you

we all know, hand on heart when something is genuinely racist because it offends us to the bone even if its not directed at us

we also know when something is touching on cultural differences and therefore borderline or skipping towards allowing for more serious abuse

to become acceptable by those singing the borderline stuff

The Ade song is nothing compared to listening to chelsea fans, teenagers, singing songs about killing jews

In frigging Putney when I worked there, on a Friday evening ffs

do we have racist fans? yeah, doesn't every club?

do we have idiot fans? yes

in the bogs in the park lane I've heard one idiot sing a song about Matthew Harding, he got not a single response from it. i smiled inside

we can make it very complex in terms of what is and isn't acceptable. but it's obvious what is and isn't. some things will get highlighted

..more than others. Liverpool/Utd have plenty of songs sang in each others direction etc etc

Anyways, in conclusion, can we just move on and perhaps think of songs for players that don't have songs

rather than sing songs about players who constantly dick us in games

Also, just as a footnote, Chelsea FC do quite a bit in removing their own fans from the stands re: racism

Perhaps some of their minority fans who still hold onto yesteryear should look towards the club owner for an epiphany




Der Vaart


Kick it out? Sadly not

No place for racism in football. And homophobia. No place for it in any walk of life.

Read this earlier today:

It irks me that Kick It Out have latched onto this 'story', considering that song and those charges were laughed at by a judge and thrown out of court because there was no case to answer for. You'd have missed that if you are a Daily Mail reader. In fact most of the tabloids were happy to post photos of the Spurs fans wanted for questioning but hardly reported on the fact that the two people (a father and son) who refused to accept the charges and fought on, won the day in the end. Not newsworthy enough for the agenda-obsessed media to print that as a follow-up with as much coverage as the initial witch-hunt.

Okay, that doesn't make much sense in context of the article linked above. I'm in full support of their (Kick it Out) campaign and awareness drive and I guess using the content they've used in their news article helps them raise some publicity and serves as a reminder for anyone who is stupid enough to consider doing anything stupid not to do it.

Let me explain my irkness.

It's Spurs who are saying they wont tolerate 'racist' abuse. But then Spurs and every club in the country don't and shouldn't tolerate this type of abuse, so its business as usual, no? The Daily Mail's report on this simply quotes a Spurs spokesmen talking about the NLD being high category and that there will be a police presence - no different to any other big game. Spurs are being sensitive to the potential hellmouth of bad publicity and will no doubt be relentless in removing anyone who over-steps the mark - which they have my full support of doing. No doubt one or two people might be removed for not over-stepping the mark, simply because the abuse is directed at a particular person out on the pitch. It's a thin line.

The usual propaganda rhetoric clouding the reality of the situation. There is sadly plenty of racism in football, but hardly any of it is ever directed 'him'.

Campbell is a liar, an ego-drunkard and a fantasist living in a Walter Mitty universe where he believes he has done no wrong and is above terrace chanting. I don't agree with the ambiguity 'that' particular song carries simply because its used by him and others as ammunition to deflect attention away and back on the 'bitter' fans who will never forget. It's a crude song, and it's embarrassing. You're asking for trouble if you sing it. Thankfully it's always been a minority. But ironically, a judge didn't deem it offensive. Which paints a picture of much confusion.

If you take yourself back to the very very first occasion he returned to WHL for the scum, after the game, he accused us of abusing him because of the colour of his skin. Us, Spurs fans, black and white on and off the pitch, racists - according to him. Yes, that's why we hate you Sol. Because you're black and not because you're a treacherous Judas (*sigh*). One or two radio presenters - one an ex-player and the same colour as Campbell laughed at this when it was once more repeated a few years back. But that's all nothing more than minor details lost in the sea of delusion that our protagonist is swimming in.

Somehow him swapping Lilywhite for period red was 'ok' in his books. He actually believes we owe him our blessing. He is actually angered by OUR reaction to him. Which is only going to incite our fans telling him exactly how we feel at every opportunity. Many of us have never let go. Something he hasn't done either.

If fans want to shout and scream at him, they should. Not because we still have sleepless nights about his crime. I don't. It was so long ago. But if screaming non-racist and non-homophobic abuse at him 'gets him rattled' then go for it. We do it to John Terry. Lampard. Bellamy etc etc.

There are plenty more footballers out there who are victims of torrents of abusive screams. Just ask Steven Gerrard and the welcome he gets from the Everton faithful. But he just gets on with it. Just ask Arsene Wenger. And yet there is Campbell, unique and special, forever bringing it to everyone's attention when perhaps if he acted the man and ignored it we wouldn't be talking about it.

And there you go. I always promise myself to ignore this bullshit and yet still end up having to jot a few thoughts down. Soz. I can't help but react to the Daily Mail.

Kick it out? Sadly not. We have to wait for him to retire first.

Back on topic tomorrow. FA Cup semi-final preview which then takes us nicely into next week and the NLD followed by another derby against that little club from Fulham.