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Park Lane lower season ticket holder since 2004. I’ve been a regular at White Hart Lane since my first game at the grand age of six. Give or take a few years when I lived abroad. And recently exiled in part due to the birth of my daughter. In my membership days, I frequented the East Stand, in the corner, next to the South Stand away end, as it was back in the days before all-seaters. Spurs bloodline goes all the way back to the 1930s. And I'd be damned if any kid of mine grows up to be anything else.

This blog was birthed from the 'Dear Mr Levy' letters (found here and here) that first came about when I wrote short angry reviews on Spurs pre-season games (on the forum) starting back on the 31st July 2004. The rants gradually morphed into letters addressed to the chairman which began to make regular appearances on the Glory Glory forum.

'Spooky', was the name I registered on the big-football-forum around 2002 and the tag used on a variety of football related message boards and also adopted for when I made the jump to blogging.

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That jump happened in 2007, setting up an account with Google's Blogger platform.

Quite a lot has changed since those early days. I've dabbled in various forms of writing styles, started and scrapped a novel half a dozen times (just don't bother asking), introduced guest-bloggers and also created the odd video or two. I dabble in Facebook, You Tube and Twitter (@Spooky23).

I'm also part of The Fighting Cock team. Thanks to social networking and a drunken night on Facebook a new THFC podcast was birthed. A nod at the disillusionment with the lack of non-vanilla options available for Spurs fans. I write for myself mostly. It’s therapy. But would like to think some of you enjoy the inane insight and irreverent commentary on our wonderfully dramatic club.