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Do you want safe standing at the Lane?

We're all aware of current government regulations on persistent standing at football stadia in England. There is no safe standing areas, none that exist officially. We're always made aware of the potential risk of clubs being punished for it by having sections of their ground shut. However there's always that argument any given supporter could give that at times clubs look the other way, say if its a North London derby. It's rare to be asked to be seated. Passions and nerves run high. So persistent standing is not the health and safety risk some would have you imagine however its also not a safe standing area. You're still standing by your seat. So why should supporters and clubs not discuss the potential for an official area, block where football fans are permitted to stand? At the minute, it's just not legally viable. So what can be done about it?

For starters, keep you're eye on the Football Supporters Federation website. There's also a petition you can sign. They will also keep you apprised of other clubs that are currently pushing for safe standing to happen. This includes other Premier League clubs as well as some from the lower leagues.

The issue still remains with the current government legislation. So what can we do about it?

Early day motion.

What is EDM? An EDM is a form of petition amongst the back-bench MP's (minsters are not allowed to sign them). Their purpose is to raise awareness for any given issue and to demonstrate the level of support for that issue in Westminster. So as Tottenham fans, what can we do?

We need to get every MP in the Tottenham catchment area plus those that represent Tottenham fans living elsewhere to support the EDM. You can use this to locate MP's:

So we need to get MP's to sign the EDM.

Also, keep your eye on the FSF website for the very latest on this.

We also need to get the club to support the EDM and what it's actually asking for. I've included the actual motion details below, in a nutshell it's to oversee a few pilots for safe standing to see if its feasible in practice. The vital part of this is quite obvious. You (Tottenham supporters) need to let the club know that you back this idea that you can to see safe standing piloted in England and possibly even at Spurs so that we all can see if its something that can work in the Premier League as well as it does in Germany. Even if pilots are not run at White Hart Lane there is surely no harm at all for Tottenham to entertain someone else in piloting safe standing by running a trial so that both Spurs and all other clubs can see if its beneficial or not. There is nothing to lose here. However, we need as many football clubs as possible to just agree that this is something worth looking into.

Below is the early day motion as it stands at the time of writing. I'll be sharing the FSF updates once they're available on their website. Please discuss safe standing here and promote the EDM if you're interested in seeing this progress.


Please share this link - - to promote the EDM.


Early day motion 573



  • Session: 2012-13
  • Date tabled: 15.10.2012
  • Primary sponsor: Godsiff, Roger
  • Sponsors:
    • Hancock, Mike
    • Stringer, Graham

Total number of signatures: 3

Godsiff, Roger Hancock, Mike Stringer, Graham



That this House urges the Government to accept the case for introducing, on a trial basis, limited standing areas at grounds of clubs in the Premier League and Championship whose management want to participate in such trials; further urges the Government to recognise there is widespread support for such areas and that improvements in stadium design and technology mean that, with rigorous safety specifications, standing areas can be safely introduced; notes the long-term success of new standing technology in many other European leagues, including the German Bundesliga, the availability of this technology in the UK and plans by the Scottish Premier League to initiate trials; and calls on the Government to amend the Football Spectators Act 1989 by statutory instrument to allow this pilot to take place.


1882 - NK Maribor at the Lane

If you don’t know what 1882 is, it’s simply a group of Spurs fans that want to go to games and sing. Not just for five minutes here and there but for 90 minutes. We started off as the ‘Ultras’, rather naively thinking we could perhaps redefine a label that has so many deep rooted connotations (on the continent) to the right wing (politically, not positionally). We drummed up interest last season and had 250 turn up to support the youth team in the FA Youth Cup away to Charlton. Although we weren’t allowed to physically take our drum into the ground.

We chose a youth game simply to make a point that it isn’t all about the first team, it isn’t all about the obvious opportunities to seek glory. It’s about the shirt, no matter the team, be it kids or full internationals. I know, I know...some of you are probably reading this and thinking ‘been here before Spooky mate’, but there’s plenty who won’t have heard about it. So skip ahead if you've seen all the background blurb before.

Our next game was at the NextGen at the Lane against Barcelona earlier this season. The club itself was very receptive and supportive (allowing us two blocks in the West Stand), be it with some teething problems on the evening itself, but we had 600 fans turn up specifically off the back of knowing about the 1882 movement (RIP Ultras) or being told about it by friends. Things have progressed again and we’ve had a meeting at WHL with Tottenham officials regarding the NK Maribor home match in the Europa League. Tickets are probably sold out now, but the club have once more facilitated us and we have block J in the East Upper.

Now personally, I know 1882 is considered to be a ‘group’. To be honest, I don't want people to think too much about a label. Yes, we (The Fighting Cock) are representatives of this 'movement', organising block allocation and spreading the word but it’s simply that; awareness. We’re not accountable or responsible for everyone who buys a ticket for the game in the block allocated. We’re just the sign post that points to where like-minded individuals can gather and not annoy the **** out of each other, because everyone is there to capture that old emotive and mostly dismissed spirit of supporting no matter what. It’s a bloody good laugh and I guess youth games (and away from home) is where this sort of thing will excel but it’s a worthy experiment for the Europa League.

In the long run we’re hoping to continue talking to Spurs. We’re heavily involved with the Football Supporters Federation and I guess the main aim is to have safe standing at Spurs (or for the idea to be recognised). Be it at the Lane or the new stadium.

Worth mentioning, that just because we are allocated a block that doesn’t mean we have special dispensation to stand. Persistent standing (as we all know too well) is not allowed. If you’re going, stand up and sing like you would normally do when reacting to atmosphere/football/fellow fans – but let the stewards to their job. We’re all very educated in the game of musical chairs that plays out any given home match. They're under instructions to do what they do.

The Barca game was the first 1882 'event' at the Lane. One or two of supporters got a bit carried away and words were exchanged, however its also worth highlighting that there were several positive moments between stewards and fans and even police officers. And lessons learnt no doubt, for example, some people purchasing tickets for a specially allocated block and then complaining about standing/singing.

I think it’s amazing we even have to consider doing this for a first team game. Amazing in the sense that the atmosphere should be organic for any given home match. But there you go, seems a fuse has blown and electricity running through the stands at White Hart Lane is hardly creating a spark thesedays.

If you don’t get to go to the Maribor game, then keep a look out for future youth games.

I guess this is all about communication and common sense. From all involved. The whole experience should be no different to any given match day at the Lane. No different to wanting to take your place in the Park Lane lower. No different to how you would behave if you sat next to someone that enjoyed a good noisy song. I hope the club actually grasp that because its important. Supporters present, in block J will be well up to support Spurs on the night. This isn't about being different it's about being Tottenham.



The aim of the 1882 movement is to support our team and the shirt they play in. To sing as loud and as long as our lungs will let us. We want to hark back to the days before the Premier League, when how loud you sing and how passionate you became wasn’t dependent on how well Tottenham were playing.

For more on 1882 click here.


What's going on?

I’m in one of those places at the moment. Much like Dexter Morgan (in the hit US tv show ‘Dexter’) has a dark passenger that lusts for blood (he’s a serial killer, but a good one, he only kills people that deserve it like...other serial killers) I also have dark thoughts. Mostly about ordering a kebab at 11pm or attempting to induce lucid dreams that consist of me scoring last minute winners away to the scum then diving into the stands to ‘sort ‘em out’. Although I could be more like Dexter. Kill other bloggers. Alas, never red, so lusting for blood is a step too far. Click whores, you're safe for now.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it’s international break time and I am suffering from a creative lull. There’s not that much going on to be fair. Here's some snippets of things that might muster up a discussion or two.



Might as well. I tuned in with 30 minutes gone, caught the goals, sort of half watch the second half. Was all very mediocre but that extra bit of quality allowing us to comfortably pick off San Marino. To be honest, I found myself watching more of the Wales v Scotland game. Football irony in your face with Gareth Bale’s winner, leaving Adams in his wake as he finished brilliantly to add to a dubious penalty which saw him win the spot kick by tripping himself up in the area. It was against the Scottish so allow it. Defoe sat on the bench (from what I saw) and Walker and Lennon didn't pick up injuries. Good enough for me. Elsewhere, three of the back four (Smith, Caulker, Rose) of the England U21 side were Spurs. Some of that.


Manager of the Month award

So Andre Villas-Boas had the better record than winner David Moyes? Who has the better beard and why isn’t a monthly award given out for that instead? Talking of which, I’m sporting hobo chic at the moment. I look rough and I like it. The fact I’m even talking about my irreverent fashion sense pretty much tells you everything you need to know about my opinion on the Manager of the Month award.



The Olympic Stadium and Tottenham. It’s like stepping in dog **** and no matter how hard you try to wash it out you swear you can still smell the stink. Britain, gold medals, glorious scenes aside...back in the real world if we had to play away from the Lane for even half a season, would rather Wembley than a structure not purpose built for the sport our team actually plays. Hopefully the original plan (of playing at the Lane with building work on-going) sees fruition. Unless the OS has purpose built caravans shifted onto the running track to double up as executive boxes for corporate hospitality. That’ll work.



Win against Villa. Noel Gallagher. Diving. Walker. How to get out of doing something with your missus and going to Tottenham instead. Midfield beasts. Cannibalism. And trikes. Click here for it.



Let’s pretend we scored a goal

Thanks to everyone that cited 1882 (blocks 15 and 16 allocated) when getting tickets for the NextGen game at the Lane against Barca on Thursday night. Around 600 or so like-minded supporters turned up, stood up and sang for 90 minutes. Great atmosphere before the game at the Bricklayers pub and relentless enthusiasm right up to the final whistle and beyond. Okay, so there were some issues with overzealous stewards during the first half including the Old Bill doing the rounds although to be fair to them they were only following club policy, something witnessed on any given match day at Spurs.

Although this is an U-19’s game its hardly the same category as a fully fledged league match. Lack of communication it would seem was the reason as the head steward was apologetic to one Spurs fan after a heated debate on the subject. They didn’t seem to know the club had arranged the blocks for us (supporters that wanted to sing – you try signing sitting down). Second half, they let us get on with it proving safe standing is exactly that. So thank you to Spurs and the stewards. I’m sure it will be slicker next time round.

If you missed this whole 1882 thing first time round, it involved us travelling to Charlton away last season for the FA Youth Cup. 250 turned up for it, singing for the entirety of the match. We lost, 1-0. We didn’t care much, we just sang about Spurs. Considering all the coverage over the current supporting landscape at the Lane and the nervous, fearful approach – the aim of Thursday evening was to bring back some of that upbeat, constant love for the shirt no matter what was going on around us. I think we did pretty well. Just over 8k turned up for the game which is amazing in itself. Barca won 2-0, not unexpected. Out of our lot Pritchard looks a gem. Samper is one to watch for Barca.

I guess the thing that sticks out most from the evening is that if this sort of unofficial standing area was not available on the night, if Spurs were not accommodating then there would not have been the atmosphere created because all the people that want to sing will have had tickets all over the West Stand leaving them fragmented. Stick them all in one place and you get what we got: Support, from start to finish. Then again, the fact we need a singing section to produce a far better experience than sitting there doing nothing is another example of modern football and that's why we started 1882. To draw people in.

Okay, so the pressure of youth football from a supporter’s perspective is not on the same level of expectancy than first team football. But considering the Park Lane lower was once known for its voice, seems a shame and a waste that if the hardcore stand there, they’re not producing the same vocals every other weekend that 600 produced for a NextGen game. It’s not even about 1882 and The Fighting Cock. It’s simply about recapturing that romantic notion of being proud of the badge on the shirt and not caring about anything other than being Tottenham Hotspur. Everyone at Spurs has a voice. It’s better to be heard singing that it is complaining.

The essence of supporter is to support. If that makes us a dying breed, so be it. We'll be part of it until the end.




Great to meet a few more people off Twitter, although not enough of you it seems. Avatars on t-shirts like name tags next time? Missed out on a couple of handshakes and hugs. Pleasure to chat to Crackers who hosts the 'Ohh When the Spurs' podcast with Antony Costa. And big love to @eperons, @Teflon6 and also @THFCAlex from Norway with a better English accent than most English people - all of them travelled in from the continent to make the game. Not forgetting the God like CaseTFC (webmaster of The Fighting Cock website) who visited the Lane from Crewe.

The West Stand has never been so noisy. We'll be part of it until the end.



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Barca at the Lane


I think it's no surprise that The Fighting Cock finds the booing at the previous two home games embarrassing. But it makes the #1882tfc event at the Barca game all the more important. Modern football is making fans obsessed with success.

We want to remove the idea that supporting your club positively isn't wholly dependant on whether or not we're playing well. We want to sing for the shirt that the players are wearing purely for that reason...that they are wearing it.

If you're against the booing this game is a genuine opportunity to be a different supporter. One that supports because they love THFC. We're going to be there singing our hearts out for that beautiful glorious Lilywhite shirt, because, after all, that's what it's all about.

If you want to join #1882tfc movement everything you need to know is here:


Ticket Info:

Tottenham Hotspur vs Barcelona in the NextGen Series. Thursday 13th September, KO 7pm.

Call the ticket office on 0844 844 0102, select option 2 and quote ’1882′. At the time of writing there's around 100 tickets left in blocks 15 and 16.

Meet before the game in the Bricklayers pub around 5pm.

Follow the hashtag #1882tfc on Twitter.


Love the Shirt


1882: Spurs v Barca, NextGen


Further to the announcement of the 1882 movement, The Fighting Cock are delighted to confirm that the club have allocated us two blocks (15-16) in the West Lower for the NextGen games against Barcelona. That’s about 600 seats. It would be amazing to sell them all, which would easily do the 250 we took to the Charlton youth game back in March.

For those that want to meet before the game we will be in the Bricklayers pub from about 5pm. They know we’re coming.

Ticket info:

This is the email we received from Spurs:

We have had an internal meeting and I can confirm that we have reserved off 2 blocks for the NextGen series fixture against Barcelona on Thursday 13th September.

The blocks that have been allocated to you are blocks 15 and 16 which are located in the West Lower. Tickets are priced at adults £5, One Hotspur adult members can purchase tickets at £3 and Junior and Senior Citizen tickets will be priced at £1.00.

To book tickets please contact the ticket office on 0844 844 0102 and select option 2. When booking tickets we ask that your members quote the name of your group ’1882′ as this way you will all be located together. All the staff in the ticket office have been made aware of your group and the reserved area for this fixture.

I have spoken to our safety officer who has informed me that banners and large flags are not permitted in the ground however standard sized flags are allowed and will not be confiscated.


Tottenham Hotspur vs Barcelona in the NextGen Series. Thursday 13th September, KO 7pm. Call the ticket office on 0844 844 0102 and quote ’1882′ Meet before the game in the Bricklayers pub around 5pm.




On 13th September 2012, at 7pm, Tottenham Hotspur play Barcelona at White Hart Lane in the NextGen Series, the competition that sorts out the pecking order of the very best of the youth teams in Europe.

While on the pitch a game against one of Europe's best youth set ups will be a stern test, in the stands it will be a different matter:

Last season The Fighting Cock organised for 250 fans to travel down to the Valley to watch the Spurs youth team take on Charlton in the FA Youth Cup. We lost one nil. That didn't matter. The point of the night was to support our team, and the shirt they play in. To sing as loud and as long as our lungs would let us. And we didn't disappoint.

We wanted to hark back to the days before the Premier League, when how loud you sing and how passionate you became wasn't dependent on how well Tottenham were playing. Simply being there, and being Spurs was enough. Now we want to do it again at White Hart Lane.

Last year it was called 'The Ultras' but this created unwanted attention. From this point onwards it's '1882'.

We've been speaking with the club about ticketing arrangements, prices etc. so we'll keep you posted via the Fighting Cock podcast and additionally on the forum.