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Green Man to green faced

Episode #39 and the original team are all back together for the first time in a while to drown their sorrows in another Tottenham capitulation of epic catastrophe. We dissect:

That semi-final, the pre-match build up at The Green Man, ghost goal, no red card for Cech.
Chelsea fans are scum.
Drum update and the wedge between club and fans.
The Y word. We preview our plans.
QPR. Extortionate ticket prices. Taarabt. Must win. Again.
Has the Jan window proved costly?
Do we have the right to be angry?
And the greatest competition question of all time.

We've also got Rickipedia and Windy slices up some choice cuts of youth meat.

In da house: Flav, Spooky, Ricky, tehTrunk, Chicago Dan and Engineer Al.

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The Fighting Cock Podcast - episode #39


Another brick in the wall


Considering the depression off the back of the Easter games you'd think this particular episode (#38) of The Fighting Cock would be one of misery. It's not. We are pulsating and marauding down the left flank with beastly rampage rather than lost roaming through the middle with the look of a rabbit in the headlights. This week we've got:

Dan the Drum II guests, as we look at the 'bring back the drum' crusade along with the appalling atmosphere at the Lane.
We've all got a semi for the FA Cup in yet another Wembley appearance.
Rickipedia astounds once more with some brain haemorrhaging facts.
We look back and poke the Sunderland and Norwich games with a stick.
Windy drops yet another A-Bomb of mushroom cloud yoof knowledge.
3rd place and no FA Cup or FA Cup and Europa League? Jeremy Paxman, eat your heart out.
Harry and 'that' England job. Do we even care any more?

And we explain exactly how to kill a monkey in the wild armed only with a biro.

This is The Fighting Cock.

In the studio: Flav, Spooky, Ricky, Charlie and Engineer Al - with guest Dan the Drum II.


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The Fighting Cock Podcast - episode #38


Niall Quinn, Argentina's best player


This is episode 37 and may God have mercy on our sorry souls. I'll be upfront with you. It's an abomination of unprofessional anchoring and flaky football chat sprinkled with a variety of nonsensical stories and weak excuses for banter. It's a mess. Oh but what a beautiful mess it is.

Good luck getting through this one.

We've got Danny Rose, the greatest letter ever, Swansea and Rodgers, Sunderland and Norwich, questions from the depths of social media, Meat Men update, Chicco tales, hating the scum, Windy and the yoof team and Rickipedia.

No Engineer Al (sent to Coventry) this week so a massive thanks to Sibs (off the forum) who recorded the show and chipped in with some stories. In fact we'll over look the two hours it took (due to tech issues) to start recording in which most of us got smashed silly on cheap booze because Sibs sober musings pretty much glued the episode into something coherent.

In: Flav, Spooky (I meant yellow not red), teh 'Jackanory' Trunk, Ricky, Charlie and Sibs.

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The Fighting Cock Podcast - episode #37




This is episode 36 of the glorious Fighting Cock podcast, 'The Dean Richards episode'. We've tinkered with the line-up this week due to injuries and suspensions. Spooky, Chicago Dan and tehTrunk are out of the squad. Bare bones? Not quite. 1950s round of applause for comedian Dan Louw and his compardre Tim Grigg, both of Away Days fame (you tube it).

What we got this week?

Deano's best bits (including his ears), the demolishment of Bolton in the Cup and the annoyance of Bogdan, another BAE love-in and we reveal the beating heart of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. We look back at the point at Stamford Bridge, the forthcoming FA Cup semi-final at Wembley and their cretinous fans.

We've also got a Swansea preview. Best pubs in Tottenham. Update on Dan's arse tattoo campaign. Most memorable Tottenham débuts. The best looking team in the prem. Favourite away days. BMC latest. We ask 'no Spurs or no sex?'

Feature this week includes Windy casually walking away from an explosion without looking back and Rickipedia astounds.

The Archbishops of Banterbury: Flav, Thelonious, Ricky and engineer Al. With guests Dan Louw and Tim.


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The Fighting Cock Podcast - episode #36


The Spirit of Hossam Ghaly


Episode 35 of The Fighting Cock is dedicated to the swift recovery of both Oliver Modeste and Fabrice Muamba.

This week we look back at the abandoned cup tie against Bolton. The potential for Chelsea at Wembley in the semi. The drum crusade. The mic crusade. International fan of mystery - whaaaa? Stoke predictions (should be a bundle of laughs this considering the game has been and gone and it was rubbish). We look ahead to the Chelsea defeat with a preview. Windy commands another carpet bombing of knowledge napalm on the yoof team. Not literally bombing them, the bombing is part of the metaphor. There is no bombing. Just loan and squad updates. Rickipedia will astound you so make sure you're seated, strapped in with weights so you're not blown away. Stan Collymore gets destroyed. We've got football and random questions from the forum. BMC News. All glued together with some swearing. Enjoy.

The line-up: Flav, tehTrunk, Ricky, Thelonious, Chicago Dan and engineer Al.


Love the shirt

The Fighting Cock Podcast - episode #35

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