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White Hart blame

Tottenham 2 them lot 4

I’m over this result already. I'm philosophical about it. Ignoring the fact that losing to them is like stepping in dog sh*t, when you lose because of defensive lapses, it’s still self-inflicted which means you can tighten up and improve. It's a fine line. You might prefer to be out classed and thrashed and lose thanks to the brilliance of the opposition’s performance as it’s more clean cut but there is something ever so slightly comforting in today’s defeat. Let’s start at the beginning.

We start the day off with no Dembele and no Bale. The former injured on international duty (although seen walking around okay at the Lane – so perhaps precautionary that he wasn’t risked to avoid any long term issues) the latter in the starting eleven initially only to be replaced by Huddlestone. Gareth’s missus goes into labour and a 1000 twitter jokes are born asking why he didn’t shag her a day earlier nine or so months ago. Already there’s cause for concern. How are we going to shape up with two key players out? Dembele was possibly known in advance but with the amount of perpetration work AVB sticks in leading up to a game, Bale not being available will impact the structure of the side. We know our squad and we know there will be scenarios where it will be tested. If we do lack a certain degree of depth, we have to deal with it. There’s also a lot that can be said about application and urgency even if there’s missing quality. We have to be able to adapt.

With some irony in the opening forty-five we lacked not just application and urgency but any form of stranglehold on the game. Our passing was untidy and there was no shape making it relatively easy for Chelsea to ping the ball around confidently. No such concerns for a side that boosts a £150M + midfield. I probably wasn’t alone looking up at the sky cursing those damned footballing Gods. Christ, some one up there hates us. Probably his dad.

Other contentious selection posers: No Lloris who could aid with possession. Defoe retained his spot up front. Regardless, we made it very comfortable for Chelsea. Tempo, intensity and passing – second best. No complaints.

The story of the first half:

One – nil down, Gallas clearance an assist, Cahill volley deflected in.
Late second half rally, growing in confidence, Chelsea for all their tidiness lacking cutting edge.
Mata, Hazard, Ramaires, Oscar on form.
Subs essential at HT.

Far too many lacklustre performances. There was nothing cohesive about our play. Sandro had to do the work of two. Huddlestone struggled with the pace of the game. Players pushed out far too wide. I’m not taking anything away from the visitors. They’re a side in form (have only dropped a couple of points this season), this was no easy task for us but you felt the game was not beyond a comeback. Personally, I wasn’t quite sure how it would transpire unless we made personnel changes.

Something thankfully happened at half-time in the dressing room placing the necessity for subs aside. There was a reinvention of attitude in the second half. Motivation from the coach? A kick up the backside. Plenty of animated motivation from Freund on the touchline too. No major shift in leadership but a genuine team effort tinged with ample mental strength. We got in amongst it more and stole an early goal. I kept thinking to myself, it’s about aggression. It’s all about aggression. Be forceful, relentless and ruthless on the ball and off it. Hassle and pressure and push up. Be decisive. Again I had to quickly stare up at the sky and release a middle finger because the two players missing are two players so key to us being bullish and dominant where it matters most.

Dembele, the manner in which he drives forward and Bale – who can be so influential as an outlet on either flank and through the middle – something sorely missed today. No immense dimensional play from the home side and after all our huffing and puffing, it was ominous that the aggression would run low and Chelsea would simply pick us off. And they did just that thanks to more individual mistakes. But all this followed us going up 2-1.

The story of the second half:

1-1, Gallas header. Perfect second half start.
Better tempo (be it no subs), great pressing
2-1 Spurs, Lennon, Defoe. Goal out of nothing. Game of two halves. Electric atmosphere.
Plenty of guts, determination, fight.
2-2. Another woeful clearance from Gallas. Mata. Vert not covering.
Livermore on for Huddlestone
Vert goal saving tackle on Torres.
3-2 Chelsea. Gallas aided by Walker and enough space for Hazard to thread the ball to Mata (again).
Chelsea with creative clinicality.
Adebayor on. Dempsey off.
Far too many shots straight at Cech.
Ade 88th minute 'chance' from Cech spill. Doesn't quite connect.
Walker long range effort, saved.
Walker ‘whatever that was meant to be’ to allow Chelsea to score a 4th.

It's worth pointing out we had 26 attempts (10) on target compared to Chelsea who had 10 with 7 on target. Ho hum. Cue the standard what ifs about being at full strength and not making schoolboy errors. Fine line, right?

There were other heart in mouth moments, Defoe dipping effort and Torres missing a certified sitter. It was naturally quite an open game of football. Exciting and end to end punctured with some brilliant sublime moments (Hazard’s pass to Mata for their third) and some stupidly casual errors (see Gallas). Did Chelsea score a clean goal? Do they care? They took their chances when presented with them. We didn’t. Seems Gallas picked the wrong game to have a brain collapse. Lucky for our opponents. Bitterly frustrating for Villas-Boas – because shared points looked the most likely outcome.

They just had more spark and consistency and most importantly composure when it mattered most. They kept the ball better than us. But there were positives. When we were on top we looked very good and tested them. If this side we faced are title contenders, I’m not exactly sold on the way they defend. RDM seems to be a very fortunate man at the moment and I still believe he will be tested more so when his side hit a dip of form. Will be interesting to see if they can shift gear and step it up a notch further.

What’s also frustrating is that we’ve yet to really see us boss a game at WHL with the same signature football we’ve seen away. It will come and we’ll have to continue with being patient as there are one or two issues that need resolving first.

Kyle Walker being one of them. Okay, so here’s my rant.

Just some food for thought. Stop slagging off and writing off Kyle Walker. Was it okay to write off the Spurs team at start of season? No. He's completely off the pace and out of form. Needs to be managed by the coaching staff and AVB. It's down to them to sort the player out and for the player to sort himself out.

All this 'he's f*cking sh*t' nonsense is hypocritical. He needs a rest, he needs competition. He also needs to develop his defensive game (and do the simple things right) but his form is rotten at the moment so his going to be prone to mistakes. It’s hardly a situation that is easily solved as we all know that if you persisted in selecting a player out of form, there is no guarantee of improvement and if he’s dropped his confidence could drop further too. I support the team and AVB and his staff are paid to manage and develop. And that is what I hope they do with this particular headache. The kid has raw talent. It has to be nurtured. Once again he lacked positional sense and discipline, when to overlap and when not to.

I’m having a dig at the selective criticism that tends to play out when players are not performing well. Some of the abuse dished out to footballers that wear the Tottenham shirt is on par with the abuse opposition players get. Some shameful behaviour from some of our lot. You’ll have your own opinion but to me it’s not as simplistic as ‘he’ll never make it, get rid of him’ which appears to be some people’s attitude toward resolving it. Another example: Siggy. Obviously over-rated because he's not sparking up the midfield yet so let's get rid. How about we stick 'em all in a Big Brother house and vote out the weakness link every week? Then we can start to pull supporters from the stands and off social media to play in their place.

On the subject of Sigurdsson he's still not found his groove (along with Dempsey who both attempted to compensate for the lack of Bale on the left). We say that most weeks but it's still early days. The argument might be that a player of a certain quality shouldn't be taking this long to adjust. So does he have the quality to succeed in the long term? I don't agree he's over-rated. It's a cliché, but he just needs that one defining league performance to find that extra step up. The midfield, our midfield is still in a state of flux. The holding positions are sorted but the attacking midfielder/second forward still hasn't owned the mojo as well as van der Vaart had it. Worth mentioning that Rafa (brilliant footballer and one that could craft something out of nothing) also struggled at times. Just remember the age gap and experience factor between the two.

Also on the subject of Gareth Bale. Football banter aside, there is very little in life (if anything) that should stop you from being by the side of your missus if there's a chance you're going to witness the birth of your child. At the time of writing I don't know if she's given birth. Knowing our luck she'll be in labour for 20 hours. Actually, that's probably unlucky for her. What we went through today is hardly as painful as giving birth. Good luck to the both of them.

As for those aforementioned contentious pre-match questions. Adebayor did very little when he came on. Someone that’s not played this season (aside from subs bench cameos) should have no excuse to not chase down the ball. Defoe on the other hand performed admirably depending on your perception of what warrants a solid performance. He’s goal was sweet (be it out of nothing but that's what he does) and his work ethic again commendable – but I can’t quite work out what else he offers to the team. However, I'm still appreciative of the fact he was one of our better players on the day. He’s an ambiguous footballer. I guess the confusion arises from the fact that we are always comparing him to the type of player Adebayor is meant to be for us. This story arc will run and run (or stand still depending on what Adebayor plans to do).

Also, time to bench Brad and start Hugo as the definitive number one. Nothing against Brad aside from the fact that Lloris is a better footballer and goalkeeper. This will be one to watch in the next week or two because Villas-Boas has to be decisive here. We need to cement that spine.

More food for thought for our head coach in the coming weeks: Vertonghen to displace Gallas and regain his place alongside Caulker, all dependent on Benny's return to the side. Not forgetting Kaboul. We need to fine tune our defence but can't do so with players out of position.

Sandro missed Dembele, seemed to be ineffectual in presence to the standard we expect from him when lined up with our Belgian beast. Scott Parker's return still not booked into the calendar.

So in the end we got a game of two halves plus an encore. Not in it for the first, came back in the second, lost that impetus and pressing game and allowed them to claim it back before we almost stole an equaliser only to see another twist and concluding goal that sealed it for the visitors. The fact we conceded four mistakes the way we did will not be lost on AVB – who can do very little but bemoan the fact we let ourselves down. But then if you want to be truly reflective you'll admit that the point of a truly solid performance is mistakes are not made and if they are you either take advantage and punish them not find yourself on the back end of one (or two or three or four). Which they did to us, be it with some supremely talented players (Mata is terribly good). Heads up Tottenham. Here's to the next encounter with us being at full strength.

Villas-Boas a class apart in his post-match interview, composed and honest. Giving credit where it was deserved and indicating what proved to be so costly. Was a cracking game. Onwards to the next one.

So that’s that.

Hopefully someone in Lilywhite is having some fun this weekend. I reckon it’s in a private hospital ward with Gareth Bale blatantly smashing his way through the gas and air.

Reader Comments (81)

Lloris has to start now, but I'm more concerned with our goals to chances ratio.

As for Bale, it's hardly surprising, is it? Not really a man's man, is he? He was missed, mind, but we'd better get used to not having him around; the little heart shaped gesture is not long for Tottenham fans.

Oct 22, 2012 at 7:30 AM | Unregistered CommenterTMWNN

Pulsating game !
At 2-1 our makeshift midfield were overrun by presently the best midfield in PL.
Gallas, - despite scoring a goal looked rather shaky !
Walker, - Oh-well... Huge talent, - he's gonna turn it around.
Our beloved club is in transision and as I have mentioned many a time this season, work in progress requires the utmost patience... Keep the faith !

@ Chestnutboy @ Ed, - you guys remarks regarding Bales absense, - is absolutely nonsense and totally uncalled for.... Grow up and realise that there is more important things in life than football and a birth of ones child takes preference to ALL other matters.

Oct 22, 2012 at 7:45 AM | Unregistered CommenterAllan

For those who want to slag off Walker, can I suggest the following: rewatch the last goal but without the sound. That way, you won't hear that prat Shearer saying 'Walker dithered on the ball'...use you eyes and you will clearly see that Walker is given a good shove in the back by Mata. Alternatively, apply to become a referee as you clearly have a major qualification - having a blinkered view!

Oct 22, 2012 at 7:58 AM | Unregistered CommenterMuser

Gallas had a shocker, but remember he played extremely well against ManU, and that he's currently our senior experienced centre-back. I too love the idea of a Vert/Caulker/Kaboul CB partnership, but it's not 100% clear that they would have a clear leader among them. I'm not saying they definitely wouldn't, but no-one here knows that they would - and AVB is the manager who watches them train every day.

Walker made a mistake, to be sure, but it was already into stoppage time, we were 2-3 down, and he just didn't want to hoof it up field. His mistake was just not laying it off to Livermore (perhaps he didn't trust him with the ball, or he still has that young player thing of not wanting to pass). Losing 2-3 or 2-4 makes no difference. Hopefully he's learn and will feel a little foolish about letting Mata get under his skin (and kicking the ball against him earlier).

And +1 to everyone saying Bale was right to miss the match. He's getting paid to play, it's a job - anyone here got a job where they wouldn't give you time off if your partner was in labour!? That would be crazy!

Chelsea continue to be the luckiest club like, _ever_. Totally.

Oct 22, 2012 at 8:51 AM | Unregistered CommenterMr Spang

here we go again,lets slaughter our own players.Its been a trait down the years,always someone to take the flak, Robertson,Lacy,Miller , Austin,Samways,Freund,Iverson ,Armstrong etc now Walker."
He is 22.He is a gifted footballer who played so very well last season,has a couple of bad games and its" get rid."
The same pricks who boo the team at home,and sat on there hands during the first half doubtless.
Its no good just singing and supporting AFTER we score ,the lads need support when they are under performing to lift them.
And whats with the Friedal bashing too?LLoris is unused to the rigours of Premier league,are we really saying draft him imn against the league leaders?? Would he have stopped the Cahill shot??
Stop whinging and support the team.Get behind the shirt and help them instead of crticising and analysing simple errors ,do you really think AVB and Steffan are blind to the areas that need improvement??
I m gutted to lose to those racist glory hunting thieves from West London as much as anyone but on the day they were better than us,better organised, better equipped, but our two best players were missing and we will play better than this.The future is bright,it will come,keep the faith and use your your energies to sing your heart instead of tippy tapping complaints on the keyboard.COYS.

Oct 22, 2012 at 8:59 AM | Unregistered Commenterbournemouth spur

Good post, Spooky. Agree with much of it. Whoever thinks Dawson is the answer instead of Gallas - you're dreaming. Clearly Gallas made a couple of errors/poor clearances that were costly but Dawson would've done no better and possibly worse. He's so slow, he'd have been caught out again and again against a forward line like Chelsea's.

Oct 22, 2012 at 9:56 AM | Registered CommenterJeremy Tennant

Should never have sold VDV

Oct 22, 2012 at 11:32 AM | Unregistered CommenterFiedor

My father was in Pentonville when I was sprogged. Didn't do me any fcukin harm, did it? My ol mum didn't even go to hospital. She didn't want to cause any fuss, God bless her! (tearfully smiles at tattoo). I was born in Woolworths. Mum had been busy, hunter-gathering, that day, sensing my imminent arrival, police later referred to this incident as a grotesque Shoplifting forray. Trying to shove 200 Benson & Hedges up her skirt was the straw that broke the camels back. The assistant managr manager had apprantlly suspected mum of attemping to steal a Fisher Price Tiny Tears after mum was recorded stuffing me in her shopping trolley, along with enough pix & mix to feed 6 African villages.

Bale is a fcuking joke , I mean, what did he think could possibly appen? What the fcuk does he fink the unbiblical cord does? Well I tell ya what it does. It stops the nipper hitting the ground, that's what it does. Where the fcuk do you fink bungee jumping comes from you pathetic excuse for a man. How about Jesus? Where in the fcuk was his father?? Err, in fcukin Hevean, thats where!

On a serious note, I think I've slightly exaggerated the amount of villages!

On Saturday I was facilitating courses - I know, I know, workaholic, and at one point a fella made a sound, just like he'd just been electrocuted, of course, he hadn't. I strolled up to him and raised my eyebrows. ' Err, you OK' ? I said. Sorry,he whispered. 'come on' I said, smiling, luring him into a faulse sense of security. Spurs just scored, he said. Now, at this point I knew nothing. I learnt some time ago that TOTTENHAM and facilitation don't work, it's like taking crystal meth to a christening. Beleive me it's messy. Anyway, he'd said to much, I now need to know. ' oh yeah' I said nonclantley. 'what's the score' ? 1.1. He said.

'So who do you support' I added. The word Chelsea fell from his lips. 'playing well'? I said. 'No, it's been all TOTTENHAM first half. Deep inside my limbic system a door suddenly pounded from the inside, I realised that the monster that is Gangnam had woken and was now trying to break through the heavily fortified door. My eyes suddenly began to flicker and twitch as the words 'oh, sexy lady' appeared on a piece of paper which slid through the gap at the foot of the door. Shit. I thought. Keep it together son, nervously pushing the paper back. The noise, that noise, the noise of electrocution, it was back, it was back! This time louder, much louder, like someone had Tasered the mother fcukers scrotum. I looked over. No Taser, just a heap of elbows and hair. 'sorry but youre going to have to put the phone away, what happened'? Lifting his head monetarily, I could see pain, real pain. I felt like a Roman emperor. They scored again, he whispered through blood, dirt, and several loose teeth.

And then it happened. The door. It fell silent, there was a moment of gentle calm and then without warning BOOM!!!!!!!!!! I was at a christening wacked out of my skull on meth. All I remember is hastily trying to remove my left arm from my sleeve, realising this would most defiantly reveal my torso and that this may fuck up everything, I took hold of my cuff and rammed my sleeve as far up my arm as possible, pulling as hard as I could I Gangnamed gleefully over to the unsuspecting wretch. Stooping down, and still pulling hard, I pushed my bicep up against his nose. Shocked, he pulled away and said ' what? What you doing, what's that' ? I pulled harder, almost resulting in a huge fart. Oh shit, he said, as the ball, and chicken legs became visible. Only to fold once again into a heap on the table.

We all know what happened next, don't we.


Oct 22, 2012 at 11:35 AM | Unregistered CommenterWisky Tom

@ Wisky Tommy
Ha-Ha-Ha ! Please give my regards to Trollytart ?
Glory just around the corner....

Oct 22, 2012 at 11:46 AM | Unregistered CommenterAllan

Good analysis of the game. We will at times have key players out so we need to have that plan b and that means a squad. Too many times over the years I have seen Spurs struggle to maintain their consistency when we have lost our 1 or 2 key players to injury, hopefully the enforced changes we have endured so far through injury, number of games or fatherhood will prove a strength in the long term.

We now have 5 winner able games coming up and we can move on from there, with players returning and as we enter the December / January period I really do think this team with AVB and co are going to improve on last season.

Ps I would love to see Steffen patrolling around the pitch perimeter a few times throughout the game, a real buzz for the real fans. 'Steff gives us a stroll'

Oct 22, 2012 at 12:02 PM | Unregistered Commentercdm

nycyid - i have fifteen and before each one was sprogged i put my wife on a strict diet of water, piss and no sex, with the result that i was able to go down to the pub while she made my dinner before she went off to the hospital. that meant it was all over by the time i cleaned my plate and i didn't have to watch a thing! what a great thing it is to have a culture that regards women as such second-class, unclean creatures!

Oct 22, 2012 at 12:34 PM | Unregistered CommenterEd

Bale's Brat!!
Right, this is it. Here is a report in the Daily Mail (yes, I know but even so....). It says that Bale's partner sprogged on Sunday. Here it is:
Now, the last time I looked Sunday came after Saturday, and Saturday, dear fellow fans, was the day we played Chelski. That was maybe 24 hours before the Bale sprog drew its first breath, so Papa Bale could have taken to the pitch, scored a couple of goals - and in the process earned his grossly excessive salary - humiliated the racists, and then travelled back to Hobbit land to watch the sprogging happen. You will notice that the Mail notes that some players take precautions to ensure that impending births do not stop them from playing for their team while in one famous and memorable incident Trevor FRancis fined a player for missing a game due to a sprogging event. But that was back in the day when players were supposed to earn their wages and when loyalty to a team, and the fans who pay its wages, was paramount. Gone are the days!!!

Oct 22, 2012 at 1:07 PM | Unregistered CommenterEd

Ed you clearly have never had a job in your life if you think that people doing normal jobs on less money are not allowed to go the birth. There is a little thing called paternity in British law (there is no clause or subsection that states unless you play for spurs) He is actually entitled to 2 weeks paid leave (could probably claim stat off the tax payer if spurs wont pay up, he should check with CAB) and upto 3 months i think although most of that would be unpaid so hopefully he will be back by January.

Sorry if that bit of news made you soil your pants or spill your crack out of your pipe Ed I did not make the law. As spurs fan I would have played if i was lucky enough to be in his position, but then how many spurs players are actually spurs fans?

On a more serious note With fans like you who needs away fans, In general our support is f'ing shit as is commonly sung at us now and yes it is so quiet at the lane (Unless we are winning). I only get to about 8 games a year now but the atmosphere has nose dived in the last 4 years or so. A large number of people cant sit stil for 45 minutes, they are up and down the stairs getting crisps and bovril (is that more imortant than child birth?) and they leave 10 minutes before the end so they aint late for dinner. When they are there they moan and criticise everything booing at half time (because that will learn em). Please people during the game support your team sing the songs, cheer and encourage and if you must boo do it at the end when the games over. Its a only 90 minute game FFS sit down and watch it and SUPPORT your team (Google it if you dont understand the meaning).

We are becoming an embarassement like the woolwich lot down the road

Oct 22, 2012 at 1:26 PM | Unregistered CommenterFrontwheeler

@ Ed
Fifteen, - Ha, - Dont flatter yourself, - Oh you meant fifteen year old ?
After reading your utter nonsense remarks about Bale and lately your patronising remarks about women, my quess is that you have not and probably never will get layed !

Oct 22, 2012 at 1:36 PM | Unregistered CommenterAllan

Thankfully Ed, the world's moved on. Gone are the days when folk could hang 'No irish' signs in there windows. Smoke on buses, cinemas, aircrart, and restaurants. Children are now heard as well as seen. Teachers can no longer beat the fcuk out of kids with sticks and slippers.. Fcuk, even mortality rates in childbirth have got better, we're still losing more expectant mothers and newborns each year than cocaine kills but hey ho. We can't have it all our own way can we!

I'd hope to think that TOTTENHAM was not a one man band.

Congratulations Gareth.

whats wrong with this Ed guy.. Is he frustrated by his impotence to produce kids or something? I don't think for one second that people won't turn up just coz Bale couldn't play and there is a clause for paternity leave in most professions.. Lucky for us Bale won't go missing for a couple of weeks !

Oct 22, 2012 at 2:12 PM | Unregistered CommenterSpurs4life

TO the following assholes and others who are as stupid as they: Frontwheeler, Allan, Wisky Tom, Spurs4life:
Game, set and match to me. Bale's sprog arrived Sunday, more that a day after the Chelsea match. So he took two days off when he needn't have and your team, our team, lost. And you are okay with that and presumably with the rest of the high-living, free-spending, whoring, racism and excessive money-making that characterises modern english football. Go figure:
Read this, assuming you can read:

Oct 22, 2012 at 2:24 PM | Unregistered Commentered

Yep, just how I saw it too Spooky.

But would it have been such a gamble to bring on Townsend for Dempsey, particularly while THudd was still on the pitch?
Fast, two footed and can dribble with his head up, it might have forced Chelski to defend deeper.

Oct 22, 2012 at 2:32 PM | Unregistered Commenterfillar

Well Ed he only has 12 days paternity left then. Hope he doesnt take the 3 months unpaid leave. I also didnt realise we were playing tennis btw

As for reading i suggest you read my previous post. Also the Daily fail does not require advanced reading skills.

You however will need advanced reading skills to read up on childbirth and how labour can take a long time particulalry if there are complications. Was it a natural birth or did it take so long that his missus got tired and required an emergency C-section (look it up or ask you mum). Stil even if it was not a complicated birth he was stil entitled to do it and no amount of crying or bleating will change it. Dry your eyes mate.

If he had played and was crap because he was worried (he is a delicate flower) I am sure you would have booed and cussed him for playing rubbish, or would you have applauded his bravery and dedication to the team and forgave his poor performance (I very much doubt it judging by all your comments as you are not a supporter are you?).

As stated by others already I also hope we are not a one man team. if we are in for miserable year on the pitch and then seing commets from whiney bleaters like you Ed

Just give it up mate it happened whether you agree or not every man in the country could do the same if they want. It should also be against the law to spawn the likes of you but your parents got away with and so will many others, so i wil just put up with it.

Its called life!!!

And just for one last cheap shot. the way you are going on and on and on its like you have a man crush and feel let down. There There never mind.

I forfeit the game of tennis you beleive we are playing and you can tell everyone else at school that you won i wont tell them.

Oct 22, 2012 at 3:02 PM | Unregistered CommenterFrontwheeler

Well! What a self-destructive bunch of nihilists we are turning into! Personally, I don't see any reason for the carnage. I thought we played well, brilliantly at times, and almost stole it in the second half. Unfortunately, Cher Gallas decided to have the worst game of his career and Senhor Mata played with a horseshoe lodged firmly up his arse. On another day we walk away smirking gleefully, but (G)alas it was not to be.

I have a theory about AVB's approach to this game. I don't think he ever saw us winning it and he was afraid we'd get blown-out. Just listen to his pre-match interviews. He knew the score, especially with Dembele out. So...he starts Friedel! Why? Because he WANTS to play Lloris, but will get a pile of agro from fans if he does; and then if, as he suspected, we get killed he has to deal with a shell-shocked Lloris and a goal-keeper controversy. Now everyone wants Lloris to start and he has his French mojo intact and Brad can't really say anything about it. Who says AVB isn't a man-manager?!

I don't think anyone was more surprised than AVB when we went 2-1 up and this was where he blew it. He waited too long to put Livermore and Adebayor in. Personally, I would have had Dawson in for Gallas after the second goal too. Chelsea were on the boil and our lads had taken their foot off the gas as we always seem to do when we get a lead. New blood was needed right away to change momentum, but he hesitated and we paid the price. Hopefully, he learns from this and becomes more proactive in the future.

It was a great game even though it ended badly. We can and will beat Chelsea and the Manxes. We can play with this lot with or without Bale; and we are only going to get better. Keep the faith gents. Keep the faith.


Oct 22, 2012 at 3:41 PM | Unregistered CommenterCaterham7

I'm with ed I think bale was a disgrace for leaving da team in da lurch like that,women give birth all the time without problems!!! U could c in da first half da players were shell shocked at his late withdrawal but at least da game exposed our lack of quality strength in depth. Dempsey n siggurdsson r not top quality I'd rather levy spend big money on a real top player than buy 2 or 3 average players to fill out da bench! It's also time to end the nonsense wid da keepers n put lloris in,friedel is a 50 yr old steady eddie nothing more!!! Also gallas needs to b binned also the tub of lard that is huddlestone!!

Oct 22, 2012 at 4:32 PM | Unregistered CommenterCeegee

Little note for Gareth another player had a child over the weekend but PLAYED his name Lionel Messi! It's called Professionalism!!!

Oct 22, 2012 at 4:58 PM | Unregistered CommenterCeegee

Little note for ceegee - Thiago was sprogged October 5th! It's called a fact.

Cheers spooky. You've basically put into words everything I think so I don't have to go over the match in my mind any more. I only differ slightly in that I thought Defoe deserved more praise, not just for his performance on Sunday but for his overall transformation this season. His all round game has improved beyond recognition. Unfortunately there's a VDV shaped hole behind him - we're still waiting to see the real Siggy.

Oct 22, 2012 at 9:02 PM | Unregistered CommenterThe Moussiah

Spooky I had one of the best days of my life Saturday. Not only did I meet Dembele but also my boyhood hero Ginola. The latter being the reason I really fell in love with Tottenham. In the period of time he was at Spurs we lost a lot, but even then we did it with style. I would cherish every victory as there were times I thought we'd never win again.

If some of the boo boy fans who seem to be accustomed to winning every other game knew what it felt like to Support the Spurs before these heady days their attitude might change. Before Harry, before Levy, in a time where Gary Doherty would be converted from a poor centre half into an emergency striker to nick a late goal. I think Spurs fans need to remind themselves of just how lucky we have got it right now. Appreciate the fact that Bale wears our shirt, being allowed to go to his wifes bedside might just convince him to stick around for a year or two more. We should also celebrate that the current young pfa player of the year is also a yiddo. This lad has all the natural resources to dominate the rb birth fir spurs and England for a generation. Yeah he's hit a dip in form but class is permanent. The mistakes he's making can be coached out.

Bottom line this fine club needs it's identity back, we as fans need to do a little soul searching and remember our job is to support and inspire the team. Not to be outsung by whoever the away team are any given weekend.

PS anyone who took to twitter to have a go at Kyle walker. Shame on you. The lad is 22 years of age. He's a little second season syndrome recently but deserves our support for what he's already given and undoubtedly still has to give for the shirt.


Oct 22, 2012 at 11:56 PM | Unregistered Commentertotallytottenham

Just caught up with this thread.

Ed re: our email conversation - I'm replying to this thread so you get a message email telling you there's an update to this thread. Scroll the fuck down and unsubscribe so you don't receive any more updates. And next time, don't bother posting if you can't handle it.

Oct 23, 2012 at 12:57 AM | Registered Commenterspooky


Oct 23, 2012 at 4:13 PM | Unregistered Commenterdavspurs

@wisky Tom -
Could you please clarify - r u referring 2 da fif a oktoba?

If I may be so brave - yes most people get paternity leave, but assuming both parties are perfectly furtile - Bale gets paid a huge wage and thanks to his nationality is certain of a few months off each summer. Would it be too much to ask for some effective family planning to be considered?

What I find most gutting is that Bale clearly impregnated his missus during our dismal run last season. A time when me and many fellow fans couldn`t function properly, let alone get a hard on!

0ff at an angle, but seeing Willian tonight - how pleasing that we`ve done our favourite trick, scouted a decent player thus far unmentioned and screamed `COOEEEE, LOOK WE`RE THINKING OF SIGNING HIM` therefore drawing everyone else`s attention and pricing him out of our market.

Oct 23, 2012 at 10:35 PM | Unregistered Commentermoe

Both feet applied to brake, stops car, thinks, removes key, steps out of car, (beep) locks car, walks, stops, looks up at sign (Roman Catholic church Of the Sacred Heart), enters, lights candle, walks to decrotive, highly polished wooden strututre, enters struture and sits momentarily in darkness before small chincy purple curtain slowly moves to reveal a honeycomb meshed silhouette. ' forgive me Moe for I have sinned'

Between you, me, and the holy ghost, when I first heard Bale was playing - doctors and nurses - rather than playing Cheslsea, I cursed the jizzlewitz; actually writing the curse in lettuce residue, on the inside of a Big Mac container: no pen. I felt like a laterday Rumpelstiltskin - with issues, but.

That was all knee jerk, TOTTENHAM blood boils a lot quicker than water. If I'd have told Mrs Tom that I was unable to attend the gore that we call childbirth, and that I couldn't get out of work, she'd have turned into that nutshit with the spinning head and vomit a plenty, you know, the bitch in the Exorcist. I can't blame the lad, and at he end of the day that's all he is - a lad. (with a curse)

Today you hid, tomorrow a kid,
And then the child away I'll kid.......napp!
You should of played the fucking game
Coz Wiskystiltskin is my name!

Re Willian. Bollocks to all that shit, never again am I sucking that lemon. Newsnowtottenham is like self harm.

Oct 24, 2012 at 10:43 AM | Unregistered CommenterWisky Tom

My son say 5 `Hail Jenases`, follow newsnow for the month of January and you will be cleansed.
I would offer exorcism, but I feel that Singlemalt Tom wouldn`t be anywhere near as entertaining as you and your `tenants`!

Oct 24, 2012 at 12:01 PM | Unregistered Commenterfather moe

Ed you're a bit of a penis really aren't you? :(

Oct 24, 2012 at 11:03 PM | Unregistered CommenterJDHignell

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